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A direct mail solicitation sales letter simply uses more words than the postcard, reads smoother, and forces the reader to respond as you direct him. Your sales letter can be any length needed to tell your story and achieve the objective. To be successful, though, it must embody and follow the “AIDA” form: A=Attention I=Interest D=Desire; A=Action on the part of the reader.

Another point to remember when writing sales letters: Always appeal to the needs and wants of the person who’s going to be reading the letter. He will start reading to see if your services can benefit him. He is looking for answers to his most pressing problems. Keep these elements in mind when you write a sales solicitation letter, whether for yourself or fora client.

People receiving sales letter are somewhat more responsive to a letter that is typed as opposed to one that is typeset. But the typed letter must be”letter perfect,” and not of a different or unusual style of type. As a consultant your letterhead should be simple while still conveying to the reader a sense of class. Your paper should be the best quality you can afford—not flamboyant, but sending a subtle message of success. Direct mail surveys show what slightly better numbers of responses are received when a light beige or off-yellow paper is used.

Basically, your letter should do what the postcard does for you—move the recipient to call you and allow you to set up an appointment to discuss his needs as your client. Whether you’re writing an advertisement or a sales letter, it’s important that you have the objective clearly in mind—what you want the reader to do. With this in mind, you needn’t use the”hard sell” approach quite as forcefully as someone asking for money on the first contact.

All that’s left is meeting with the prospect, listening to his problems, and hearing what he wants, then write out a proposal to solve his problems and satisfy his wants. This means selling yourself to the prospect—assuring him you know what you’re talking about, and that you can make him more successful.

There you have it–a plan that can lead you to success as a Business Consultant. Remember, though, no amount of research, reading, listening or investment can make you successful until you do something with them. Action on your part is the absolute ingredients that must be added, and that’s up to you. Your future is in your own hands.

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