Start Your Own Successful Business Consulting Service

Whether to rent, lease or buy a copy machine is up to you, but virtually no business can get by without file copies. Carbon paper means a loss of efficiency, and running over the corner shop to get copies is going to cost you time and money, so be sure to fit some sort of copier into your business start-up costs. If impossible at the very first, use the old carbon paper–you must a a copy for your file.

Just how good a typist you are, how well you can write sales letters, and how busy you want to be, should be the deciding factors about the typewriter. If you type at all–there will always be at least a few letters that you should type personally—we suggest again that you go for the long haul probabilities and rent, lease or buy the best and most modern typewriter you can afford. Later on, when you do move into that “dream” office, that will be one less piece of equipment you will have to be concerned with.

One you’ve decided what area of business consulting you want to be in, and have your office or working space set up, the next thing is to let people know you’re available for work. Definitely use some common sense and applied knowledge before spending any money on advertising. Generally speaking, you will pick up some customers regardless of the problem area you specialize in, by advertising in your own area’s most popular newspaper. However,we wouldn’t recommend much more than a small ad in the Sunday editions, unless you’re direct mail, multi-level or garage sale consultant.

Check with your Chamber of Commerce for a list of trade and specialized business publisher in your area. Either pick up a sample copy of the business journal at the local newsstand or write to the publisher and ask for a sample. Look through those catering to the type of business you want to serve. Check the editorial styles and types of advertising they carry, then select the one that corresponds with your needs. Basically, unless a publication reaches the people you are trying to sell to, don’t advertise in it regardless of the style, quality, or advertising rates.

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