Start Your Own Successful Business Consulting Service

Ther’s still another very important method of finding new clients, and that is via Direct Mail solicitation. This is done either by postcard or sales letter mailings. For a mailing list of local businesses, check the yellow pages of your telephone directory, under the heading “Mailing Lists.” Tell the advertiser the kind of mailing list you need—if they don’t have it, ask them the names of suppliers who might be able to supply your needs. Alternately, you could compile your own mailing list of prospects most likely to be interested in your services. Mark the names you want in the area business directory, and pay someone to input these names onto a computer for you. The computer should be able to supply you with peel-and-stick address labels at a nominal cost. Putting your list on computer from the start will save you thousands of dollars in money and countless hours of work.

Your postcard solicitation should basically be an elaboration of your printed advertising. In other words, an ad for a Direct Mail Consultant might be transferred to a post card along these lines:

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